Selasa, 26 Maret 2013

Tips on Treating Skin Cancer with Baking Soda

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer that often occurs equally in men and women. The most serious form of skin cancer is Melanoma. The most common method used to treat skin cancer is to remove it surgically. If you do not want treat your skin cancer surgically, you can opt for baking soda treatment. It is not only an inexpensive skin cancer alternative treatment but also easy to do at home.

Although there is no evident or proof that supports this claim, skin cancer alternative treatment using baking soda can be tried. There is a belief that baking soda can reduce or even remove cancer non-surgically. To do this treatment in person, you may need baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), tongue depressors, distilled water and hydrogen peroxide. Follow the steps below top begin your treatment.
  • Use warm water and soap to wash the area of your skin cancer.
  • Make a thick paste by putting baking soda into a small bowl mixed with enough water. Use a tongue depressor to stir until well blended.
  • Apply the baking soda paste to the area of your skin cancer using the tongue depressor. Rub the baking soda into the lesion gently using a gloved finger.
  • Create a thick layer of baking soda paste to cover the affected are completely and use a bandage to cover it.
  • Wait for about two hours before rinsing the baking soda away using cool water. Then use hydrogen peroxide to cleanse the affected area.
  • For an effective treatment, you can repeat this procedure four to six times a day for one week.

Other Skin Cancer Alternative Treatments

In addition to skin cancer alternative treatment using baking soda, you can try other alternative treatments using vitamins and supplements, herbal treatments, and black salve treatment. Before taking any skin cancer alternative treatment, you should consult with your doctor to get recommendation and approval. Follow what your doctor says so that the treatment comes with effective result.
It is recommended when you are taking another skin cancer alternative treatment that you produce vitamin D by getting regular sun exposure but not sunburn to help cancer cells return to a regular growth and reproduction cycle. You can do that at least 20 minutes a day in the late afternoon or early morning. It also recommended that you consume a lot of vegetables, green leafy vegetables, oranges and yellow fruits that contain vitamin A. This is not only good for your skin cancer treatment but also for you overall health.